Extra Styles

This page provides extra downloadable styles for use with the Sketcher Plugin. Each style is illustrated with example output at screen resolution and a detail of output at 300 dpi resolution.

To use, download the files from the style's title link and install to your Plugins folder just as you did with the Sketcher Plugin. Each style comes with .sms settings files for screen output and print. Simply select through the Settings option in the Sketcher Plugin.

Copyright © Little Ink Pot, 2005. All rights reserved. These files are provided for use with Little Ink Pot's Sketcher Plugin only. Use in any other way is prohibited. These files may not be duplicated nor distributed in part or whole by any means.


The Full Monty Screen Edition 17.1 mb

All the below styles including the extras files, though only with the 75 dpi screen resolution
Fine Hatching style.


The Full Monty Print Edition 36.0 mb

All the below styles including the extras files, with the full 300 dpi print resolution Fine
Hatching style.

Download this first : Extras 3.4 mb

A few 'support' files. Download and install prior to any other style.

Fine Hatching -
Full version 26.6 mb : 75dpi Screen only 7.7 mb

Fine hatching provides high-fidelity shading in a style similar to traditional book prints. High resolution 300 dpi maps mean a large download. If you only want screen resolution output, download the smaller file.

Circular Hatching 1.1 mb

An abstract style of concentric circles with an animated, lively result produced from interference patterns. Two extra varieties of this style reduce noise in the shadows when preferred.

Cellular Crosshatch 1.1 mb

A unique hatching style creating an intricate webbing. Capable of subtle shading incorporating a delicate, technical/geometric look.


Granular 3.6 mb

A very coarse-grained rendering primarily for print, as though the image were created with metal filings or particulate matter. Intensely moody and dynamic.

Pen and Ink 1.9 mb

Traditional pen and ink technique in high-fidelity. Ideal for printed illustration work, with three variations of cross-strokes. 


Copyright © 2005, Software Geezers

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