Free Plugins

On this page Little Ink Pot provides free plugins. As always these are quality products created for their usefulness to digital image creators of all levels. To download a plugin, click its button under its description.

Simply unzip the downloaded files into you Plugins folder, such as
"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plugins"

These plugins are currently only available for the Microsoft Windows platform. They will not work on the Apple Macintosh.

Xpose is an exposure adjustment plugin. It was written to offer quick adjustment of highlights and shadows with a rapid preview feedback and a simple, intuitive interface. With just a few sliders you can attain better exposure of your digital photos

Contrasty image...

...shadows lifted

Under-exposed sunset...


...perfectly balanced

Washed out flowers...



Download Xpose : 317 kb

The Thredgeholder plugin is the little brother to Thredgeholder Pro, providing edge detection that's simple to use but highly effective.

Original picture

Edges traced with Thredgeholder


Download Thredgeholder : 365 kb

Chalkaholic renders chalk and charcoal type effects with artistic panache and flair. Providing uniquely effective artistic rendering options, Chalkaholic is the essential addition to any digital artist's effects collection. For those that want even more flexibility and control there's the highly affordable Chalkaholic Pro plugin.

Mmmm, cheese

Mmmm, wine and cheese

Given the Chalkaholic effect


Chalkaholic applied with high contrast

The results of Chalkaholic are pasted over the original as a layer with blend type set to Luminance.


The results of Chalkaholic are pasted over the original as a layer with blend type set to Dodge


Download Chalkaholic : 414 kb


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