Welcome to Little Ink Pot's tutorial section. This page lists tutorials that show how the different Little Ink Pot plugins can be combined to even greater effect, along with the conventional features of the graphics application like layers and blending modes.


The tutorials are HTML pages and available to either view online or download as a .zip file.


Portrait Sketch :


A walk-through on how to turn a photographic portrait into a life-like sketch, from a fairly difficult source image. It uses the Sketcher Plugin, Thredgeholder Pro, PhotoGrey and the Xpose plugin in combination.


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Download .zip tutorial (634 KB)

Light and Shadow :


How to create a two-tone chalk and charcoal sketch, contrasting highlights with shadows. It uses the Sketcher Plugin in concert with the colour and blending functions of your graphics application.


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Download .zip tutorial (683 KB)

Gothic Sketch :


Producing a look of the Graphic Novel, soft wet-ink or airbrush shading is the groundwork for pen and ink detailing.

The Sketcher Plugin and Chalkaholic Pro combine to create this style.


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Download .zip tutorial (576 KB)

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