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Software Geezers wants to write software (and develop other useful products if the mood takes us) that people will benefit from. We want to keep prices fair and not rip customers off for every penny we can squeeze out of them. Computers can be buggy and sometimes our software might not work, or maybe in some crazy one-in-a-million unpredictable instance might do something bad, but that's the nature of computers. There is nothing malicious about our software that seeks to harm your computer so if something bad happens, it's due solely to the complexity of computers. There are laws protecting consumers that govern liability and these actually take precedence over any Terms and Conditions you might agree to with any company. As a company based in England, Software Geezers is governed by English Law.

That said, in case of malicious persons who won't 'play fair', or who seek compensation for situations that they blame Software Geezers for, these lengthier Terms and Conditions are written in full, forming an Agreement to which all our customers must agree to abide by before making a purchase - actually nothing more than a paraphrasing of English laws..


This is our livelihood, and all we ask is you respect our endeavours. If you don't think our software is good enough to merit paying for, then don't use it. Don't give it away free.

Purchasing a product corresponds to purchasing a license to use that product on a single computer unless stated otherwise. For each computer on which the product will be used, whether it is installed on that computer or a separate computer or storage such as over a network, a separate license needs to be bought. If you need a substantial number of licenses that aren't available as a group or site license, email [email protected] to arrange a more economical solution. The exception to this is purchasing for home use, where the software license extends so that the software may be installed on any machines at the same residential address for use for non-profit-making purposes by the members of the family unit resident at that address.


All code, images and other material created by Software Geezers remains the intellectual property of Software Geezers. No distribution of any Software Geezers creations is permitted by any means without written permission (by either email or conventional mail). Any such distribution constitutes an infringement of international copyright law and will be prosecuted as such for all lost earnings and punitive damages.

A customer who purchases a Software Geezers product is permitted back-up copies on a removable medium such as CD or Flash storage, on the understanding that the copy will only be used to recover the product should the product need to be reinstalled, and no other copies on any other machines than the machine for which the license was purchased. You are reminded that running the product from this removable storage or over the network on an alternative machine contravenes the above Licensing agreement.

Our Service

Software Geezers want to provide quality products with a quality service. Every care is taken in the development of our products to ensure correct function, and there is nothing malicious in our code. The free provision of full-featured trial versions allows potential customers to try before they buy, so suitability of Software Geezers products can be evaluated before they are purchased. Make use of them and save you and us a lot of unnecessary bother!

Support Responsibilities

Though every effort will be made to support our customers in the event of any difficulties regards our products, the nature of computers means complications may arise unpredictably as a result of different systems and/or software conflicts. As a result it can become impossible to identify the cause of a problem or where responsibility lies. There might be a case where having tried our best. we have to throw our hands up in defeat at being unable to solve a customer's problem with our product, at which point our customers agree not to complain or harass us in any way but take it as one of life's unfortunate events.


As a user of a Software Geezers product customers accept Software Geezers has not any legal liability for any problems or losses incurred as a result of the use or installation of our products and users of our products will not seek compensation for any losses incurred as a result of using or handling Software Geezers products.

Refund Policy

Where refunds are ordinarily given when a product is found to be unsuitable for the role it was purchased, because all Software Geezers products' suitability can be evaluated from the freely available full-featured trial versions, full refunds will not be given except in exceptional circumstances. Use the demo before buying!

Governing Powers

Purchasing a product from Software Geezers corresponds to a contract as governed by English consumer law between you, the customer, and Software Geezers, the provider. Software Geezers is located at

    31, Oakdene,
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    CEO : David Coombes

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