Thredgeholder Pro is an artistic edge detection plugin, simple in operation but extremely effective.

Original picture

Edges traced with Thredgeholder Pro


Thredgeholder Pro provides edge detection of different colour channels, allowing selective edges for different aspects such as image brightness, hue, or blue component. The results combine effectively with the other tools of your graphics application to produce fantastically rich results. Here's one example.


 Starting from a source photograph 

Thredgeholder Pro finds the edges

Combining this edge image with some other processes, new artistic options are realised.

  • Brighten the source image
  • Duplicate it to a new level and blur this
  • Paste the edge image as a new level with blend mode set to 'multiply'
  • Use Gamma Correction to intensify (darken) the edges
  • Use the eraser to rub through the blurred layer to the detail below
  • Flatten the image to a single layer and finally use Little Ink Pot's Xpose plugin to enrich the shadows



Thredgeholder Pro forms a close relationship with the Sketcher Plugin to add outlines to sketched illustrations...


 Using a Sketcher Plugin illustrative rendering 

Add the Thredgeholder Pro outlines as a layer with Multiply blending

Finally add a little rub through on the ribbons...



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