Chalkaholic Pro renders chalk and charcoal type effects with such artistic panache and flair that its results are difficult to identify as being computer generated.

Original picture

Chalkaholic Pro creates a chalk and charcoal picture

Original picture

With high contrast and Dodge type blending, a 2D illustration is quickly created


Chalkaholic Pro provides independent controls for stroke size and artistic abstraction giving greater control of the rendering, user-specified blend modes, and separate colour selection for highlights, midtones and shadows creating more artistic options.

For an artistic sunset...

...choose yellow highlights and red midtones with Overlay blending


Extra artistic results can be achieved using your graphics application's smudge tool.

Applying Chalkaholic Pro to this source...

...produces obvious points of contrast in the background

Smudging the background...

...creates a soft wet-ink effect


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