The PhotoGrey plugin works like colour filters in black and white photography. It allows unique balancing of greyscale conversions based on selective colour filtering and the same is even made possible on colour images. The simplicity and effectiveness of the process creates one of the most effective photo-processing tools available.

Original picture

Normal "convert to grey/greyscale" result

PhotoGrey orange filter applied


PhotoGrey green filter applied


As the above shows, use of PhotoGrey can selective highlight and distinguish different hues when converting to greyscale. The ability to apply any colour as a filter allows subtle balancing to be achieved allowing the simulation of different black and white film types with different colour sensitivities.

The latest version 1.1 adds horizontal and vertical colour gradient filters, and a four point filter where a separate colour can be assigned to each corner. Additionally v1.1 has the option to directly apply the filter result to the illumination of the image, allowing simple yet effective colour balancing as illustrated in the samples below...

Original picture

Blue filter : renders a dark,
low-key, atmospheric scene

Red filter : Similar in effect to a polarizng
filter, it accentuates the sunshine
and warm autumnal feel 


Four Point filter : Three red corners and blue in the bottom right, highlighting the left sunlit tree and pushing the right sunlit tree into shadow 


It's incredibly easy to use; just pick the filter colours and gradient type you want and apply. Photogrey is available as a standalone product but is provided free with the Sketcher Plugin.


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