The Downloads Page

On this page you can freely download the trial versions of all plugins to evaluate them before buying, as well as free plugins. There are some important points you should note.

  1. Plugins are currently only available for the Microsoft Windows platform (32 bit only). The Apple Macintosh is not supported.
  2. All plugins require a host application; a graphics package that can use Photoshop plugins. Applications advertise this feature where implemented and most popular packages can use Photoshop plugins. You cannot use any Little Ink Pot filters as standalone effects.
  3. Despite claiming Photoshop plugin compatibility, some packages are not 100% compatible. This means that a Photoshop plugin might not work on your application even though, according to the application's advertising, it should, even with the most popular packages. As such...
  4. should not buy the full plugin without first trying the trial to check for compatibility. The trial plugins offer 100% functionality to ensure a full host application compatibility test. You should be sure to test large images to determine if your application can handle large memory usage; one of the main incompatibility issues that might arise. The only difference with the trials is the addition of visual artifacts to the processed image.
  5. The visual artifacts of the trial versions look like this...

Purchased product

Trial version with artifacts

Installation Instructions

All plugins are provided as an installer program. Simply download and run. When asked where to install the program to, choose you Plugins folder, such as...


"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plugins" or
"C:\Program Files\Graphics Programs\PaintShopPro\Plugins"


A Little Ink Pot folder will be created automatically. If installing multiple plugins, you may be told that folder already exists. Okay that message to add the new plugin to the existing folder. You can add icons to the Start menu to access documentation and uninstall. Otherwise documentation can be found in the Documentation folder inside the relevant plugin's folder in the Little Ink Pot folder. eg. "C:\...\Plugins\Little Ink Pot\PhotoGrey\PhotoGrey Docs\". When the plugin has been installed, running the graphics application will show a new group in the plugins menu; Little Ink Pot plugins. Your installed plugin can be run from here.

Downloadable Files (Windows only)

Trial plugins

The Sketcher Plugin Trial:
The_Sketcher_Plugin_Trial_Setup.exe (3,600 kb)


PhotoGrey Trial:
PhotoGrey_Trial_Setup.exe (530 kb)


Thredgeholder Pro Trial:
Thredgeholder_Pro_Trial_Setup.exe (720 kb)


Chalkaholic Pro Trial:
Chalkaholic_Pro_Trial_Setup (550 kb)


Free plugins

Xpose_Setup.exe 640 kb)


Thredgeholder_Free_Setup.exe (740 kb)


Chalkaholic_Free_Setup.exe (640 kb)


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