A quick solution for graphics professionals

As an example of the productivity benefits to graphics professionals, these images illustrate the time savings that can be made when the project can be tendered with illustrative graphics. They show a simple computer generated scene, which, though produced in only a few minutes, demonstrates the huge time savings possible when render quality can be sacrificed.



High quality rendering produced in 12 minutes 20 seconds




Low quality grainy rendering produced in 4 minutes 10 seconds




Processing of low quality image produces high quality sketched image in under 10 seconds




Different effects means finding something the customer is happy with is made even easier

A traditional 3D computer rendering using GI takes a substantial time to render in high enough quality for professional use. A low quality rendering can be produced much quicker but is not going to satisfy customer requirements. However, processing the low quality rendering with the Sketcher plugin produces a professional quality image in a fraction of the time as a high quality rendering, plus with the artistic advantages inherent in diverse image styling.


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