The Sketcher Plugin was created to provide illustrative effects to computer images, whether photographs, computer drawn pictures or 3D renderings. It can render smooth artistic pencil sketches, pen and ink illustrations, and a number of different halftone/threshold effects.


The Sketcher plugin comes with useful default settings such as the above pencil sketch rendering, ready to apply 'straight from the box'. There's a larger example here. Different styles enable a range of visual expression. More styles are available at the Sketcher Styles page.


Illustrative effects are made easy, ideal for designers, architects, graphics artists, hobbiests or anyone wanting a quick artistic representation of an image. By combining the Sketcher plugin with the other functions of your graphics application, such as adjustment layers, you can open up many more artistic options


In the above, the source image is divided into light and dark zones. A pencil sketch rendering is created for each and recombined over a midtone base. The Sketcher Plugin is ideal for many purposes

  • For computer graphics professionals, the Sketcher Plugin can add an artistic panache to work, and even save time on projects. For example a quality 'sketched' image can be created from lower quality sources saving on 3D raytracing time. This page illustrates this.
  • For designers, the Sketcher Plugin creates quick stylised images. Whether pen and ink work illustrating a flyer or a high contrast grainy photo cover art, the Sketcher plugin provides unique and fast solutions.
  • For enthusiasts, the Sketcher Plugin provides ways to pep up digital photos and add variety to the digital album, or provided emotive sketches of those family portraits.

Even more results are possible working with other Little Ink Pot plugins, offering incredible range and realism.


Portrait Sketch using the Sketcher Plugin
and Thredgeholder Pro

Wet and dry ink using the Sketcher Plugin
with Chalkaholic Pro


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