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Bold and bright, fun and focussed, Professor Ziggy embodies the ideals of modern educational software, creating effective learning aids that kids love to use.




Professor Ziggy's Amazing Memory Method is the incredible revolution enabling everyone to quickly and confidently memorise facts.

Professor Ziggy's Super Simulation System is a fun and effective way to teach children about computer suimulations.

Download trial : 15.9 MB

Download trial : 15.9 MB

The quintessential natural-art plugins, the range of Little Ink Pot PhotoShop plugin effects equips you with the tools to transform digital images into authentic pencil drawings and pen and ink illustrations, add artistic outlines, and create abstract sketches and designs.

Move the mouse over the example images to see the source photographs.


Sketch and illustration, by pencil or pen, with different shading styles.

Edge detection for creating illustrations and drawings.

Abstract art with chalk and charcoal effect, blending to produce graphic designs.


Download trial :
     3.58 MB

Download Pro trial :
     550 KB
Download free Lite version :
     640 KB

Download Pro trial :
     720 KB
Download free Lite version :
     740 KB



Greyscale image filtering, simple and versatile like using coloured camera filters.

Exposure adjustment, with brightness and contrast, intuitive with real-time preview.


Download trial :
     530 KB

Download free plugin :
     640 KB




Over 300 Fonts packaged with a free font library tool to manage these fonts, ideal for many creative tasks.


Download free software :
     9.3 MB



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